The Aliens Have Descended at Dr. Diesburg's!

May 1, 2015

The Aliens have descended! 

Dr. Diesburg just put the final touches on his latest alien painting and it is up at the office. He does this every year in honor of McMinnville's UFO Festival, the second largest such celebration in the country. It's hosted by McMenamin's Hotel Oregon and brings thousands of people to town for a parade, a UFO conference, and historical talks.

 "What does this have to do with dentistry? Nothing," Dr. Diesburg said. "We like to have some fun around here, and we like to send the message that all will be welcomed."

If you don't know the story, it works like this: Dr. Diesburgs  scours the racks of discarded paintings at Goodwill to find the perfect setting for the aliens. Then he takes home those canvases and inserts aliens into them. There is always a story attached to the painting. This year, he inserted a multi-eyed liquid loving alien into the foreground of a traditional Oregon landscape. After having crash-landed on a nearby mountain, the alien slithered down to the lake, taking out fences along the way and leaving a slimy trail behind him.

Before he attended dental school at the University of Iowa, Dr. Diesburg majored in biological premedical illustration, a track that prepared him for the alien painting project.

"It's very important to me to match the style of the aliens with the original painter's style so they feel fully integrated," Dr. Diesburg said. 

The paintings -- four of them total -- will be up at our practice through the end of the festival. Vote for your favorite!

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