New art up at our McMinnville dental clinic

Jun 30, 2015

We believe that having handmade things in our practice re-enforces that we are people striving to help people better their lives. We believe in the connections to our patients and to our staff. We believe dentistry is both an art and a science and we believe in making our office feel like a pair of cupped hands.

We're excited to have two new pieces of art up at Dr. Diesburg's office. The first is "Sonoran Bee"by Portland artist April Coppini. We put it up in our break room -- aren't bees the best symbols of spreading the love? -- but we hope you sneak a peak at it next time. With special thanks to Pacific Frame for the stunning frame job. Thank you!

The second piece of art is an image of orange poppies by local artist Jill Mann. Ms. Mann took this image while living in Nepal with her husband and infant daughter. In the wake of last month's earthquake, she has been selling images from her travels there, with all proceeds to go to aid organizations. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful way to contribute to this cause! We put it in our new hygienist Anya's operatory. We think it fits her sunny disposition quite well!


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