Ask Dr. D: Can I keep my teeth and still get money from the Tooth Fairy?

Nov 3, 2015

Dear Dr. D,
My child is asking about the tooth fairy. He has lost a tooth, and he wants to put it out for the tooth fairy, but he also wants to keep the tooth? What do I say?
Thank you,
Elizabeth in McMinnville

Dear Elizabeth,
The great thing about the Tooth Fairy tradition is that every family gets to decided how they do it. 
I have always liked the idea of a Tooth Fairy who needs healthy teeth. What I tell my own children (5 and 3) is that the Tooth Fairy will pay full price for a healthy, high quality tooth, but none at all for a tooth with cavities. 
If they want to keep the tooth, you could type up a little Certificate of Tooth Inspection from the Tooth Fairy and leave it with whatever renumeration you decide on. 
Thanks for the fun question!
Happy Brushing!
Dr. Adam Diesburg


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