Congratulations to Hopscotch! We painted our tile!

Aug 20, 2014


Well, they did it! Our friends at Hopscotch Toys right here in McMinnville were successful in their recent Crowd Tilt program to raise $30,000 to make improvements to the store.

It's a tough economic climate for small, independent businesses, but with a little transparency and a community-wide effort, it is possible to show the world where your values are.

Our children, Dashiell and Griffin, have been faithful frequenters at Hopscotch for some time. We have out-of-town Grandmas, and it's helpful to make our holiday lists there so we know the money our family spends in McMinnville stays in McMinnville.

We adore Hopscotch and we value having the store as part of our community. So we couldn't be happier to be supporters of our little toy store's fundraising efforts. Yesterday we headed to Hopscotch to add our tile to the growing wall of supporters. What a joy to already see so many of our neighbors and friends with names listed there.

Here's how our tile turned out.


Not bad for a free-handed logo drawing! The toy store has a station set up where you can use tile paints and tile paint pens to draw whatever you like for the wall (as long as it's not political, religious, or offensive, of course...).

We've always come into the store and headed straight for the toys. Now I'm going to make an effort to head to the wall with my kids, so they can see our tile and see their names immortalized there.

Have you painted your tile yet?  

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