Dr. Adam Diesburg at McMinnville's Downtown Trick-or-Treat

Oct 27, 2014

McMinnville's Safe and Sane Halloween event brings thousands of kids and parents to the city's downtown.

Dr. Diesburg will have a stand at the corner of Galloway and Third Street at this year's McMinnville downtown trick-or-treat event, Safe and Sane Halloween.

McMinnville's downtown trick-or-treat event is here! McMinnville dentist Dr. Adam Diesburg feels strongly that caring for patients' teeth and mouths means education. That's why we couldn't help but sign up for McMinnville's downtown trick-or-treat event, Safe and Sane Halloween. And we're the only local dental office who will be there!

If you and your kids are eating candy, learn how to do it as safely as possible. Dr. Diesburg will be present with puppet and toothbrush to show proper brushing technique to your kids big and small and will be handing out tips on how to eat candy responsibly (if you eat candy, of course). He'll also talk to your kids about how to take care of their teeth and mouths. He'll be handing out a tip sheet on candy and teeth as well as some fun, non-candy giveaway items. 

This is also a great time to ask for tips about how to make teeth care fun for the whole family. Meet Dr. Diesburg  at Galloway and Third Dr. Diesburg's stand is on the corner of Galloway and 3rd Street. We'd love to see you stop by so we can help you ensure this year's Halloween fun is as healthy as possible.  

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