McMinnville Dentist Dr. Diesburg Welcomes Aliens

May 7, 2014


The aliens are back!

If you visit our McMinnville dentist office in the next two weeks, you'll be able to see three new paintings Dr. Diesburg has worked on to coincide with the McMenamin's UFO Festival happening on April 18.

Dr. Diesburg does these paintings by acquiring acrylic canvases -- already painted -- from the local Goodwill or other thrift shops and then painting aliens or UFOs into them. It's a fun activity, and the whole Diesburg family is involved in the process of picking the right painting and decided where the alien or UFO will appear in it.

The first canvas (above) Dr. Diesburg did came with a lone cowboy staring at the ground. So Dr. Diesburg added an alien in his line of site pointing to the UFO behind the cowboy in the sky. It was a big hit.

The second painting, from last year, features a little child running after some butterflies in a wide expanse of prairie grass. Dr. Diesburg added a giant UFO overhead, beaming a green light into the space where the butterflies would have been.


This year's canvas is a doozy -- a very wide seascape with a giant clipper ship in the middle. The doctor added the little green guys on the wood up front and the background, which is now awash in a murky sea of alien pods and cliffs. Greens are notoriously difficult to work with, and with this painting, as with all of the others, he tried to make the additions feel seamless, like the aliens belonged there in the first place.


"It's all just to add some fun to the office, but we do take the actual painting seriously," Dr. Diesburg said. Come visit us and tell us what you think! We won't fault you if you drop by just to see the paintings :)

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