The quickest way to determine if your child is ready for the dentist

Sep 19, 2017

It happens quickly. One day you woke up and realized that your child has a mouthful of pearly whites and they haven’t yet been to the dentist for the first time. You start searching around and come across the realization that the ADA recommends children be seen by their first birthdays.

Is it too late? Have you already done something wrong?

Nope! Let’s cut the mom and dad-shaming for a moment and get real. If you’ve been practicing good oral care at home -- you’re brushing those tiny treasure teeth and modeling good oral hygiene yourself -- your kid is probably fine. But if your child is 2.5 or older, chances are good that he or she has most of the baby teeth developed. Now is a great time to get into the dentist for a couple of reasons:

Why NOW is the best time to start:

1. Make sure that everything is progressing well.

One of the main goals of first visits is to make sure your child's teeth are erupting from the gums and to anticipate any problems that might happen during the childhood years. Your dentist will help you identify those issues before they happen while also assessing the current health of your child's mouth.

2. Get support from your dental team.

The hygienists, assistants and dentists are here to support YOU in your health goals, and that includes acting as a professional authority on teeth. We are happy to be the ones to speak to your child about the importance of oral health.

3. Establish the habit of going to the dentist.

The right health routines last a lifetime. Going to the dentist should be a joy for young children -- it's a place to be rewarded for great behavior and brushing. That works best when kids get regular cleanings and exams.

4. Reduce fear of the dentist while everything else is still new, too.

It's a fact: The more you visit a dental specialist, the more at ease your child will be. We seek to be a safe space for your child -- a place of personal growth, loving care and great messaging about the overall goals of health. Children need to hear these messages regularly for them to sink in.

5. Develop your child/family’s relationship with your dentist and hygienist.

Trust is the first step towards having the right kind of relationship with your healthcare providers. It is our utmost goal to communicate the gratitude we have for your choosing us for your family's dental needs. We are specially trained to establish rapport with young children and see serving your family as the greatest purpose in our professional lives. Developing this trust relationship with your children is one of our primary goals. 

It's never too late to re-establish routines and get children on board with their oral health. Call us to discover how we make oral health a family affair! 

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