McMinnville dentist exhibiting local artist Dee Boyles

Feb 11, 2013


"Dance of the Forest Sprites," 11" by 14", oil on panel

If you've talked to Dr. Diesburg about his past, you know he started out at Iowa State as an art student before he decided to become a dentist. He has a deep and abiding love of art and wants supporting local artists to be a touchstone of his dental practice.

We are thrilled to welcome our first artist to exhibit at our Baker Street office, oil painter Dee Boyles, an artist of inimitable skill and depth whose lustrous oil paintings capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Boyles grew up on the North Umpqua River and spend his childhood traipsing through the forests of the Northwest. An award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Doyles has taken his passion for visual representation to oil paint, an exploration that has born beautiful fruit.

"I love being surrounded by the experience of natural forces: the light and shadow, the silence and the racket of nature, the stillness and perpetual activity, its random events and casual orders, earthy essences and sublime spirituality," Boyles said about his love of Oregon's outdoors.

Boyles' art is an attempt to bring this experience to the vast whiteness of his canvases. Viewing oil paintings is one of those things you absolutely have to do in person, but we'd like to give you a preview of the experience here. If you love Oregon, you will adore the work of Dee Boyles. We are very excited about having him up at our dental clinic in McMinnville and hope you take a closer look when you visit for your dental cleaning and check-up.

You can contact Dee Boyles at 503-472-9329 or by emailing deeboylesart [at]

"Quiet Morning," 12" x 14", oil on canvas panel


"Quiet Dawn," 12" x 16", oil on panel


"High Country Autumn," 14" x 18", oil on panel

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