The Aliens ARE BACK! And so is our caption contest

Apr 27, 2016

The aliens are back!
Each year, Dr. Diesburg rescues a piece of original art from the racks at the local Goodwill and transforms it into an alien painting in honor of the McMenamin's UFO Festival.
All five are currently on view at the practice. It's a great time to schedule your appointment, or just stop on by to take a gander!
This year's painting
For 2016, Dr. Diesburg chose a desolate abstract, which he transformed into a haunting polar landscape dotted with abandoned alien spaceships. 
Can you see the tiny aliens coming out of one of the ships? Why are they here and what did they say when they arrived at this particular destination? We want to know your thoughts.
We are having a Facebook contest right now. Add your caption to the comments section for a chance to win an IPAD Mini 2! Check out the latest alien painting on Facebook and look at all of the UFO paintings in their glory in our FB photos!
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