The Best Etsy Tooth Fairy Schwag for Baby Teeth

Feb 18, 2013

Does the tooth fairy come to your house? We at McMinnville Dental Care believe that anything that makes caring for teeth and oral health more fun is worth trying with your kids. Not every parent wants to introduce her into their children's lives, but if you do, this is the post for you. So here's a list of some of our favorite Etsy producers' Tooth Fairy Schwag for parents who like to overdo things. And really, don't we parents all like to overdo things?

Each of these little colorful bundles, part of a package from CosmicThimble, contains a message from the tooth fairy with fun facts about teeth. Exmaple: Did you know the blue whale is the largest mammal on earth, but it eats only little fish because it has no teeth? How many fish do you think a whale can eat in one bite? Pair it with your quarter for maximum effect.

We like this simple wooden box from Personalized Gallery because of the natural wood materials and the change for personalization. If you can't make the argument to the Tooth Fairy in your sleep, or if you've got a particularly daft one, this one also spells the exchange out pretty clearly.

We might not believe in the tooth fairy anymore, but we do believe in the power of tutus, like the one on this Ballerina Tooth Fairy from JustSewSpecial.

For non-believers, this Personalized Tooth Fairy Kit from Peridot Design seems real enough to quash any incredulous wee ones.

This darling tooth fairy pillow from the German artist Immertreu gets points for being soft and plush -- perfect for under pillows -- and for its adorable blush.

Sometimes the tooth motif can get a little old, even for us. In that case, there are ample other prospects for the creatives, including these eco-friendly tooth fairy houses from NewMomDesigns, which come with a tiny door for the tooth fairy to enter.

Clearly this monster from Mitzibell feels your child's pain.

This tooth fairy must own a mint! Here, from mygirlygirlthings, is a pdf file of a sticker to place over your dollars so your tooth fairy can leave her own tender. Have fun with teeth! Or, if you're interested in doing it yourself, you might find something to inspire you from our favorite all-time Etsy seller, Marigold Haske, who tells about her son's Tooth Fairy experience here.

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