UFO Art up at our McMinnville dental clinic

May 13, 2013


Happy UFO Festival week!

Though we are not on 3rd Street, we'd like to think we are there in spirit. Here you have two paintings Dr. Diesburg has done to celebrate the UFO Festival. Dr. Diesburg likes to pop in Goodwill from time to time to see if there are any acrylic paintings he can re-purpose for alien or UFO paintings. He plans to do a new one every year to add to the collection. Last year's painting started out as a lonesome cowboy staring off into the distance.

Doesn't he do much better staring down a space invader from the outer limits of the galaxy?

This year's painting was a little more complicated. For this one, Dr. Diesburg took a print of a little boy chasing a butterfly with his net and added much to it, making it into a depiction of a little boy chasing the beam from an overhead UFO.


We do like to think that if aliens were to come to us they would have a sense of humor. Pop in this week for your regular cleaning to check them out.

We'll see you at the parade!    

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