Alien Caption Contest We have a winner!

May 13, 2016

Just a year after the Matt Damon vehicle "The Martian" brought our attention to life on Mars, we got a caption contest winner who playfully switched up a famous movie quote with a new idea!

Michelle Woolhiser won this year's caption contest with her winning entry:

"Martians, we have a problem."

So clever, fun, simple, and, well, winning!

Here were some other great captions:

  • "Take-off"
  • "Smells like feet in here," the small green alien said to the larger gray one upon lift off. "You spent too much time with the hippies in Oregon."
  • "We're here to party, we come in peace."
  • "We're gonna need a bigger ship."
  • "Let's leave and go find a real planet. Sorry Pluto."
  • "It's just like home!"
  • "Never trust a meteorologist!"
  • "Off Season"
  • "Let's go show McMinnville how it's REALLY done."
  • "Blast Off!"
  • "Hoth has never looked so peculiar..."
  • "Winter Migration"
  • "National Lampoon's Europa Vacation"
  • "Spaceships: because the ice caps weren't melting fast enough already"
  • "Are you sure this is the right place?"
  • "Honey I told you we should've asked for directions! Now we're at the Wrong beach!"
  • "Down Time"...
  • "It's not like our beachfront."
  • "Sandcastles and rocketships."
  • "Take us to your leader.....uhhhh."
  • "Last one up is a rotten egg!"
  • "Stop revving the rocket. You're melting the ice cap!! Don't worry, the humans won't blame us. They have a different theory."
  • "They came with parkas."
  • "The beach is getting too crowded these days."
  • "Ground control to Major Tom."
  • "Snowbirding in style."
  • "The selfie stick may be the Earthling's finest achievement."

Thank you for playing along for this year's contest, and if you want to see all of the paintings, simply go here on Facebook. 

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