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Mar 5, 2012

As many of you already know, on January 3, Dr. Adam Diesburg took over McMinnville’s oldest dental practice at 1927 Baker Street NE from longtime McMinnville family dentist Mark Appel, who had been practicing in the community for 33 years. The McMinnville News-Register ran a wonderful story about the practice handover in the January 4, 2012 edition of the paper. Check out our toddler, Dash, who took the photo opportunity to point West instead of looking at the camera (what can I say… we’re pioneers!).

diesburg family

We can’t speak enough about how great our move to McMinnville has been. As you may have already guessed, we’re not from around here, but we were drawn to this community for very specific reasons, primarily: community feel, great food scene, stunning vistas, intimate geography, and a strong local economy. These, and of course, gluten-free cupcakes are also some of the reasons Sunset Magazine recently named McMinnville one of the best places to live in the West! Even before we moved here, we were driving up often from Salem to go to the Hotel Oregon, to eat at Nick’s Italian Café, or attend to attend the UFO Festival.

UFO Fest

But in the three months we have been Mac residents we have discovered something even more powerful than the pleasures of quirky places and great food. What we love most about McMinnville – so far – is how welcoming people are here. It’s not easy being the new kid in town, but it turns out, if you join a community of fewer than 35,000 people, they already tend to consider you one of them at the get-go. Yes, this the kind of place where your neighbors will give you a loaf of cinnamon bread, a potted plant, a banana bread and maybe even a chocolate silk pie just because you moved in next door.

We came, we saw, we relocated.  

Then we ate some really great baked goods. And now we are launching this blog – not just as a way to communicate with our patients, but as a means to have a little more fun with dentistry. Through the Brush Blog, we are going to deliver you all of the latest news about how to best care for your teeth and develop great dental hygiene. But you can also expect a lot in the way of arcane dental facts and intertextual dental knowledge (such as why are there so many toothbrush references in Patrick DeWitt’s novel The Sisters Brothers).

You’ll also get regular updates about events at the practice and will have access to Dr. Diesburg, who can answer your most pressing dental questions.

Let the brushing begin!

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