What magazines do you want to see at your dentist's office?

Mar 1, 2013

Is Allure alluring for you? Like to peruse People? In need of news from the News-Register? Psyched for Smithsonian?

We're in the process of sprucing things up at Dr. Diesburg's dental clinic in McMinnville and going through the magazine rack in our waiting room is at the top of our list. And since we know that many patients look forward to the waiting period before their appointments at the dentist as a time to relax, sit back and do some fun reading, we're taking a new look at what kinds of magazines we want to offer you in our office.

What magazines do you like to look at while you wait? Is there any magazine or periodical that you don't get at home that you would like to see when you visit us? Put your ideas in the comments section below or drop us a line at info@macdentalcare.com

We're hoping to make your visit to the dentist something you are excited about. When we're done, you can expect you will find the best dental waiting room in the county!

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