Ask Dr. D: Does Orange is the New Black get teeth?

Jul 1, 2015

Dear Dr. D,

So I've been watching Orange is the New Black, and there's a subplot about teeth! Pennsyltucky got porcelain teeth but Boo keeps telling her she still needs to brush them. What's your take?

Thank you,
OINB fan in McMinnville

Dear OINB Fan,
It's always funny and sometimes disturbing to see how dentistry is portrayed on television. In this case, we're clearly on Boo's side. Brushing your teeth isn't just about cleaning your teeth. It's also about creating the right environment for the rest of your mouth so that bacteria doesn't flourish and make the acid that eats holes in your enamel. Gum health is vitally linked to tooth health.
When you have porcelain teeth -- veneers or crowns or other work -- you must care for them like you would regular teeth. We're glad this message is getting out on a popular Netflix show!
Incidentally, there's a Mad Men episode where Don's rotten tooth becomes a metaphor for his inherant rottenness. It's an interesting plot device, but really, cavities have nothing to do with your inherant goodness!

Happy Brushing!

Dr. Adam Diesburg

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